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It’s not scarce in Richmond Hill, Ontario to seek physiotherapists after suffering from a work injury. If you torment from a workplace injury, then WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) provides rehabilitation and work health treatment. Read the entire article to get insights into WSIB rehabilitation in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and how to treat your injury effectively.

WSIB Rehabilitation in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Richmond Hill Ontario WSIB Injury Treatment Experts!

From a slouched posture to lower back pain and a headache to a heel injury, the person can suffer from abrasion in the workplace. If you are the person who seeks WSIB physiotherapy, then we have good news for you! We at Awesome Physiotherapy at Richmond Hill provide WSIB services to workplace-injured people.

Our expert physiotherapists treat workplace injuries in Ontario. Our services include personalized assessments, examinations, treatments, and WSIB services with the analysis of expert physiotherapists, following the completion of form procedures.

WSIB Physiotherapy Coverage and Services

Awesome Physiotherapy of Richmond Hill is registered with WSIB services, and we provide numerous assistance related to workplace injuries. The services include are:

·        Sports Rehabilitation

·        Spinal Decompression

·        Spinal Adjustment/Manipulation

·        Radial Shockwave Therapy

·        K-Laser Therapy

·        Acupuncture

·        Back/Neck Injury Treatment

·        Exercise Prescription

·        Concussion Treatment



Our goal is to give the best services related to workplace injuries!

We aim to treat your injuries and get you back to the initial stage. The rehabilitation, treatment, and WSIB services will be top-notch, and you will ease your pain. We assist you in regaining functional balance in your body while improving your overall health and fitness quotient for an expected happy life, both personally and professionally.


How does the WSIB Process Work?

Form 6 will require to be filled out if you have apprised of a workplace injury to your employer, which differs from the authentic incident report. Form 6 will be available on the WSIB website. The report must be submitted within six months of the date of the report for patients to claim benefits. Physiotherapists are usually recommended first by doctors or hospitals, but some people prefer to go straight to a physiotherapist. Additionally, the physiotherapist and physician must complete WSIB forms.

The WSIB will assign a claim number to the patient along with the contact information for the adjudicator who will supervise the claim. Patient claims will be approved or denied by the adjudicator. Once your paperwork will be approved, our physiotherapist will examine your pain and access the best treatment for identical.


How the Awesome Physiotherapy assist you?

Call us to book your workplace injury assessment. Once you visit the Awesome Physiotherapy of Richmond Hill, our therapist will assist your pain, examine the past and present of the pain, demarcate adequate rehabilitation, and plan recovery and treatment.

Your recovery plan is in front of you. Once the WSIB and clinic learn about your treatment, the rehab process will commence. The Awesome Physiotherapy of Richmond Hill will gladly aid you during the WSIB process, and be ready to take action to get back the life you meant for!


We are ready to help you in every feasible way! So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment or call us today and give us a chance to be in your excruciating time.

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