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Motor Vehicle Accident Reclamation

Motor Vehicle Accident is a traumatic condition on their own. To deal with it is dismaying for everyone. Getting the acquired treatment and help is challenging for the sufferer. The effects of a Motor Vehicle Accident can vary from mild whiplash lasting a few weeks to severe life-changing predicaments. 

Where to start after Motor Vehicle Accident?

Motor Vehicle Accident is perturbing not only for sufferers but also for the family and known members. In dealing with physical consequences, one has to claim insurance, treatments, and other unfamiliar formalities.

After an accident, the injured person must seek treatment at the hospital to control the wound. It is enigmatic yet challenging for some people, but an essential facet to do after an accident. Once the treatment starts, the following procedure begins simultaneously.


Most Common Injuries after Motor Vehicle Accidents?

A motor vehicle accident (MVA) injury is one after a car accident. The direct impact is not always the cause of these injuries. Acceleration/deceleration of the body may cause injuries to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, even if there is no direct impact.

Some of the injuries caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents are described here:

·        Whiplash

·        Headache

·        Knee Injuries

·        Middle and Lower Back Injuries

·        Rotator cuff Injuries

·        Concussion

·        Fractures

·        Dizziness

·        Neurological System Injuries

·       Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders

These are some common injuries that can turn down severe if not treated immediately. Sufferers are advised to seek immediate medical assistance after a motor vehicle accident.

Is Physiotherapy Important after a Car Accident?

Seeking medical help is important after accidental torment and its aids in releasing pain. We at Awesome Physiotherapy of Richmond Hill provide treatment related to motor vehicle accidents and help the injured to get their life back on track.

We aim to treat clients to relieve pain and increase mobility, balance, strength, and functioning of the body. Symptoms of whiplash can appear within hours and persist for several days. Reduced pain and reduced time away from work can be achieved with early intervention. Moreover, it helps patients manage their symptoms while preventing chronic pain conditions by providing reassurance and educating them on how to best manage them.

Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment at Awesome Physiotherapy of Richmond Hill

We are here to help in every possible way! After a car accident, it is advisable to visit medical assistance as early as possible to prevent the pain. We at Richmond Hill in Ontario provide the treatment to relieve motor vehicle accident pain, collaborate, examine and analyze the depth of injury and discuss the best treatment for the identical.

Awesome Physiotherapy of Richmond Hill is registered with the FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Ontario) to treat injuries related to Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) and directly bills the insurance companies. Once the claim is approved we treat the client, and the cost will be paid by the motor vehicle insurance provider.


We are glad to aid with the car accident treatment and welcome you wholeheartedly! Schedule your appointment or give us a call to relieve your pain and stay away from trauma and injuries. Our expert physiotherapist will give you the hands-on, one-on-one explicit care you deserve after a car accident.

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