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Musculoskeletal injuries and discomforts are common for people who are active in sports. It is important to address sports injuries appropriately for reducing tissue damage and enhancing athletic performance. When you have a sports injury, you will be more likely advised for physiotherapy. Sports physiotherapy is a much more effective option than general physiotherapy for people who participate in sports.

Benefits of sports rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is the best course of treatment for recovering from injuries and regaining strength like before after a sports injury. Here are some of the benefits of choosing sports rehabilitation over general physiotherapy. Unlock Your Athletic Potential with Expert Sports Physiotherapy

Experts in sports rehabilitation

If you have a sports-related injury and need proper healing, you need the support of a certified sports rehabilitation therapist. Look no further when you need a dependable physiotherapist providing sports rehabilitation services in Calgary.

Calgary Physiotherapy & Massage Woodbine has certified experts in sports rehabilitation to help you recover and return to your specific sports field quickly. We are one of the top-rated physiotherapy clinics in Calgary serving clients from Woodbine, Woodbine, Cedarbrae, Braeside, etc. We have a specialized team for providing professional sports rehabilitation services.

At our clinic, our focus is not just to give you relief from pain and discomfort but improve your athletic performance. Our team helps you understand the techniques required for preventing further injuries. Moreover, injuries could happen due to muscle weakness or poor body mechanics. We will go the extra mile to help you prevent injuries in future by strengthening your muscles.

Why choose us for sports physiotherapy in Calgary?

At Calgary Physiotherapy & Massage Woodbine, our team evaluates your health status and athletic capabilities before coming up with an individualized program. We will do a proper assessment of your range of motion, muscular imbalances, pain management level, the function of joints, etc. before you develop the treatment plan. Generally, the treatment program will include various levels of stretching exercises which help in reducing pain and improving function.

Our trained experts and licensed sports rehabilitation therapists understand the range of motion that each sport requires. We come up with the right treatment plan that help you improve your performance in the field. We provide a range of services suited for athletes with different skill levels.

Depending on your field of sports, we will teach you the techniques to avoid sports injuries. We have worked with hundreds of athletes and helped them fasten recovery from injury and improve performance. Any sportsperson who wants to get back to sports quickly after an injury can avail of our services and get extraordinary results.

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Have a query about our sports rehabilitation service? Do not hesitate to talk to our rehab experts in Calgary. Call us today to schedule an appointment at the earliest! Our therapists offer you the best care and support to excel in your field of sport!

For more information about physiotherapy services or to book your appointment, call us at (587) 329-2812 or visit our contact page.

Direct Billing

Direct billing for massage and physiotherapy treatments saves time and money. Your insurance plan will determine how your claim is handled:

Plans with 100% coverage pay the clinic directly without any cost to you.

Plans with partial coverage pay the clinic a percentage of the claim and you pay the remainder.

Some insurers won’t pay the clinic directly. In those instances, you pay for your treatment as usual, before sending the claim to them. They then send the funds to you.

We are used to dealing with insurance companies and our administrative team is happy to file electronic or paper claims to your insurance provider, freeing up your time to enjoy life.

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