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The body needs time to heal and rejuvenate after a surgical process. No matter if it is a minor or major surgery, physiotherapy can fasten the recovery process and help you get back to normal. Post-surgery rehab refers to a branch of physiotherapy that helps to re-establish muscle strength and improve joint function after surgery. In most cases, post-surgical rehab starts at the hospital after the surgery. To fasten the recovery process after getting discharged from the hospital, you can opt for post-surgical rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of post-surgical rehab?

Post-surgical rehab offers a wide range of benefits if performed under registered and expert practitioners. It is a crucial step in your post-surgical journey to recovery. Apart from promoting faster and more effective recovery, it helps you to get back to the same level of mobility and function before the surgery.

Some of the reasons why you should consider post-surgical rehab are:

Fasten your post-surgical rehab with Woodbine

Welcome to Woodbine Physiotherapy & Massage if you are searching for a reputed physiotherapy clinic for post-surgical rehab in Calgary. We have experts to give professional assistance for optimum recovery after various types of surgeries. We provide a range of physiotherapy services aimed at ensuring effective and long-term relief from post-surgical problems. Throughout the rehabilitation program, we make sure our clients go through a painless and comfortable rehab experience. Stay assured of the finest quality care and overall healing from our rehab specialists!

How our post-surgical rehab will help you?

At Woodbine Physiotherapy and Massage, we understand that the concerns and needs of each client differ from others in post-surgical rehab. When you approach us, we will do a comprehensive assessment of your health condition in the post-surgical stage and evaluate the way your body is healing. Depending on the type of surgery and your general health status, we will decide on your rehab program which will specifically address your concerns.

Our rehab experts will develop a completely personalized rehab plan which will include progressive exercises and therapy to strengthen the affected area. Our treatment will help to restore the range of motion and the overall well-being of the individual. Depending on the progress that you make, we will update the treatment plan and fasten the healing process. Our team will provide unrelenting support, care, and motivation to get back to your normal through our post-surgical rehab program.

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Are you planning for surgery ahead? Or are you in the post-surgical stage? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our rehab experts! We promise to make your healing journey easy, quick, and effective!

For more information about physiotherapy services or to book your appointment, call us at (587) 329-2812 or visit our contact page.

Direct Billing

Direct billing for massage and physiotherapy treatments saves time and money. Your insurance plan will determine how your claim is handled:

Plans with 100% coverage pay the clinic directly without any cost to you.

Plans with partial coverage pay the clinic a percentage of the claim and you pay the remainder.

Some insurers won’t pay the clinic directly. In those instances, you pay for your treatment as usual, before sending the claim to them. They then send the funds to you.

We are used to dealing with insurance companies and our administrative team is happy to file electronic or paper claims to your insurance provider, freeing up your time to enjoy life.

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