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Physiotherapy for Hand Pain in Calgary – Calgary Physiotherapy & Massage Woodbine

Physiotherapy for Hand Pain in Calgary

Physiotherapy for Hand Pain in Calgary - Calgary Physiotherapy & Massage Woodbine

The hand is the miracle of evolution in the human body. From brushing teeth and eating to grasping and precision object movement, the hands are responsible for the creative manifestations that illustrate the human species and differentiate it from all other organisms.

Have you ever wondered how many bones your miraculous hands possess? Ok, hold your horses! Your complex and delicate hands contain 27 bones. What does it discerns like when you suffer from exacerbated pain and don’t know how to heal it? Are you also feel like this? Read the article and get insights into how physiotherapy aids your hand pain.

What conditions cause hand pain?

Painful hands can alter a simple chore into a painful ordeal. There are numerous reasons why hands can hurt, from mechanical to neurological. Some causes and symptoms of hands pain are herein:

  •       Arthritis
  •       De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
  •       Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •       Gout
  •       Ganglion cysts
  •       Peripheral neuropathy
  •       Lupus
  •       Stenosing tenosynovitis or Trigger finger
  •       Raynaud’s phenomenon
  •       Traumatic injury

Hand pain can emanate from:

  • inflammation
  • sprains and fractures
  • nerve damage
  • several chronic health conditions
  • repetitive motion injuries

Depending on the severity of your pain, it may come and go throughout the day and may also be intermittent. Even the most severe pain will not subside by itself. Treatments are available for many of the ailments that cause hand pain. Medications, exercise, or lifestyle changes may benefit you depending on the cause of your hand pain.

Is Physiotherapy helpful in treating Hand Pain?

Physiotherapy can lessen or even eliminate the need for invasive, costly surgeries, moreover potentially harmful pain relievers. The physiotherapist can treat your symptoms and identify the source of your pain, and is professional in treating movement disorder as well!

As part of therapy, patients may undergo Class 4 LASER therapy, manual therapy, pain, and inflammation-reduction methods, and specific exercises to reduce stiffness and regain strength. Exercises guided by a physical therapist or occupational therapist can strengthen and stretch the muscles, reducing pain and absorbing pressure from the joints of the hand.

Physiotherapy for Hand Pain in Calgary

Calgary Physiotherapy & Massage Woodbine offers advanced treatment options for pain relief, mobility restoration, and getting back to the life that you love. If you suffer from Hand pain and its symptoms, treat it with Calgary Physiotherapy & Massage Woodbine. We have highly skilled physiotherapists, who aid your hand pain and provide a satisfaction guarantee. Book your slot and give us a chance to treat your symptoms.

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